The Power Of Forgiveness

The problem is, we all think we know what forgiveness is. Yet it's easily misunderstood and we miss experiencing the power of forgiveness. To our way of thinking, forgiveness means letting go of something bad which happened, stepping somehow beyond it. We equate it with forgetting all about what happened, but this isn't what forgiveness is at all. Forgiveness is an understanding that the emotions of that event are binding you, and you want to unbind yourself from that event and the emotions it evokes. Forgiveness is coming to a place where you can think back on the event and NOT feel the heavy emotions any longer.

What You Think About Your Emotions Matters

Yes, emotional decisions can be troublesome in and of themselves. But they also offer a very big roadmap to keep us from harm, if we’re willing to acknowledge our experiences. People that make you feel sad about yourself are dangerous. Ignoring what your emotions are communicating, or hiding them away from others, can allow further pain or suffering to continue. Those who live in tune with their emotions often have the ability to see the true character of negative situations before others might accept it.

The Top Five Traits Of a Good Listener

If you want to become a good listener, there are certain traits and skills you will need to learn. Listening is an exceptional skill to develop and it can improve all areas of your life. People love to talk and are always looking for someone to listen to them.

4 Steps To Process Difficult Emotions

Difficult emotions can be highly complex and tough to process. Difficult emotions are usually negative emotions such as anger, loneliness, sadness, jealousy, fear, rejection, or self-criticism. At face value, these emotions are hard. If these emotions are not processed, they can become destructive and highly harmful. 

10 Steps To A Happier Life

There's a lot written about "superfoods" that contribute to the function of our bodies, let's consider 10 "power emotions" that combat the negative emotions and enable us to enjoy more enjoyment and abundance. To learn more about this topic, and about mastering your emotions, check out my Inner Healing Ebook. As we do so, please remember that spirituality and emotional health are two sides of the same coin. That is to say, that engaging in spiritual practices like prayer and meditation will multiply your efforts to grow emotionally. Likewise, intentional effort in growing emotionally will supercharge your spiritual life and practice. They grow together.

Good Emotional Health: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Individuals who have good emotional health are in control of their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. They can tackle life’s challenges, bounce back from any roadblocks or setbacks, and can keep problems in perspective. They do not allow themselves to be consumed by the negative and do not wallow in self-pity. Those with good emotional health can cultivate and keep strong relationships with others while keeping a sense of positive self-worth. 

How To Have Faith In Adversity

This is the faith that Paul describes. Human development experts tell us we are usually in our thirties before we have access to this level of faith development. Our twenties are characterized by outgrowing the faith of our childhood and running away from God and chasing our own demons. Ultimately, the troubles and suffering that took us away brings us back. And we know and trust that at our very core, God dwells. Cutting through the many layers of ourselves to access that Presence gets easier as we go.

Amazing Side Effects of Gratitude

Have you ever felt grumpy? Or angry? Or worried? It's impossible to feel happy when you feel negative emotions. The fastest way to shake a bad mood is to count your blessings. Gratitude refocuses us on what we have. Anger, worry, grumpiness, and other negative emotions usually center around what we don't have or what might come in the future. Gratitude brings us into the present moment and returns our focus to what we have, what is good, and what is well. If you want one thing that can dramatically change your life, practice gratitude. Gratitude effects extend far beyond our mood. Gratitude empowers health mentally, emotionally, physically, and especially spiritually. Read on for the amazing ways gratitude brings about positive health in your life.

5 Reasons You Attract Toxic People And What To Do About It

I hear phrases like this all the time. Especially on social media. Everybody advises getting rid of toxic people. Cut off those relationships. I will concede, that at times, this is necessary - but not often. If you are being abused - GET OUT. Immediately. Most of the time, discussions about toxic people don't include abuse, just difficult human behaviors. Perhaps a better course of action, before cutting off a relationship, might be to ask yourself, "Why do I attract toxic people?" A person who has a pattern of cutting off relationships, or attracting toxic people, might have some unresolved emotional pain that is driving this behavior. If you struggle to maintain relationships when there is conflict, or when difficult issues and situations crop up, it may be worth looking within yourself at what is lying dormant that can be addressed and resolved. 

The Amazing Power of Daily Routines

I like to plan new routines with one goal at a time in three different areas: physical health, spiritual practice, and time management. If you are new to creating routines or looking to create a more meaningful one, this is a good place to begin. For example, a physical routine might include drinking more water or taking a walk. A spiritual practice might include meditation, writing in a journal, or practicing gratitude. A time management goal might include planning out your day, using your calendar more effectively, or using timers. Start with ONE goal in each area to begin. Read on about how routines are beneficial.


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