Blog What You Think About Your Emotions Matters

What You Think About Your Emotions Matters


Have you ever had someone ask you to stop being so emotional? Maybe others, or even yourself, have categorized emotional behavior as a weakness. The truth is that while societies are opening up to discuss emotions more than they ever have before, there can still be a negative stigma towards their influence in our lives. Instead of viewing emotions as a second or third-tier component of who we are, what if we saw the power of their influence over our decisions, purpose, identity, goals, plans, and relationships as a good thing? Here are some ways that your emotions matter.

Emotions are a great motivator.

Imagine trying to accomplish something with zero passion. Without having some emotional connection to an end goal it can be difficult, and at times nearly impossible to make true progress. This is because our emotions act as a powerful motivator in our lives.

When something connects to us on a deeper level, we feel it almost instantly. This is our mind using emotion to confirm the desire for something that meets either our identity or our purpose. While emotions shouldn’t be the only motivator for the decisions we make, they should certainly be a contributing factor to the direction in which our decisions take us.

Emotions can keep us from trouble.

Yes, emotional decisions can be troublesome in and of themselves. But they also offer a very big roadmap to keep us from harm, if we’re willing to acknowledge our experiences. People that make you feel sad about yourself are dangerous. Ignoring what your emotions are communicating, or hiding them away from others, can allow further pain or suffering to continue. Those who live in tune with their emotions often have the ability to see the true character of negative situations before others might accept it.

Emotions can be a powerful decider.

When you receive two options that seem nearly identical in nature, how do you choose between the two? People say they like to follow their “gut,” but in reality, what we’re doing is responding positively to the way that an opportunity makes us feel.

Without even realizing it, we actually tend to do this subconsciously throughout our days. When determining something, people will often ask, “How are you feeling?” Letting your emotions speak allows you to compare your present decision to what has driven you to this point, or what we can consider to be your “prior decision.”

Emotions allow us to empathize.

So, whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all driven to some degree by our emotions. But here's the thing, emotions are often private. This is why, with all the same facts available, a person might do something that makes absolutely no sense to you. Why would they do this? Why are they acting this way? Emotion.

To have empathy is to see a situation through the perspective of another person’s feelings. The fact that in doing this we often can get to a mutual ground of understanding a completely different perception just goes to reinforce the powerful nature of our emotions and the influence they play in our lives.


Emotions are good. Too many people walk through life, taught by others that their emotions have no place in the real world. But if we’re looking at the facts, we can see that emotions are absolutely pivotal to the everyday functioning of our reality. 

You may attempt to ignore or demonize your emotions, but they are going to impact you regardless. Instead, learn to see your emotions positively, to understand their role in your life, and how you can utilize them to fulfill your wants and needs.


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