Ditch the Guilt and Be Free

Stop Carrying Around Emotions That Don't Serve You!

Guilt is a heavy burden. Guilt can cause physical and psychological harm. Left unmanaged, guilt can morph into seemingly unrelated issues that draw attention but aren’t solved by going to the doctor or changing your mindset.

Did you know guilt can cause:

  • Ulcers
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin issues
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Isolation

 And can mimic other diseases or mental health issues.

 Knowing this impact makes it important to rid any guilt that could be ravaging your physical and mental health. Mistaking physical and mental health symptoms as unrelated to guilt can cost money, time, and energy that you need. 

There are many ways that guilt creeps into our lives:

  • Anxiety: If you have a lot of anxiety in your life, you may be prone to negative self-judgement; always blaming yourself when things don't go well.

  • Childhood experiences: You may have been raised in a home where guilt was a parenting tactic, leaving you to instinctively and reflexively feel guilt.

  • Culture: There's so much pressure in society to live up to an ideal, often magnified in social media. Failing to reach and maintain idealized notions can leave you feeling like you are "less-than." 

  • Religion: Some religious traditions rely on feelings of guilt as a way to indicate that a person has done something wrong, or to compel people to comply to a set standard or behavior.

  • Social pressure: If you feel that other people are judging you for the things that you have done, you may be left with feelings of guilt and remorse.

'Ditch The Guilt And Be Free' can help you identify your feelings of guilt and help you resolve and release them.


'Ditch The Guilt And Be Free' will teach you:

  • What is guilt is and how it affects our communications and relationships

  • How to stop using guilt to get what you want from others

  • The powerful role forgiveness plays in alleviating our feelings of guilt

  • Using guilty feelings as a tool for change

  • The Top Three Communication Skills for Living a Guilt-Free Lifestyle

  • Worksheets to identify unhealthy thinking styles and increase emotional flexibility

So Why Wait?

Reducing and eliminating guilt from your life can lead to better health and healthier relationships. 

Don't wait any longer! Say goodbye to these feelings that no longer serve you or those whom you love. Get rid of your guilt now and make room for better things.

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