Healing: How to Heal and Empower Your Growth Through Spiritual Direction. fiLLLed in 5 and a super-cute picture of Melissa

fiLLLed in 5: How to Heal and Empower Your Growth Through Spiritual Direction

First, it’s important to understand your spirit and how it functions with your mind and body. You interact with the world largely through your mind. Your interpretation of those interactions resides in your spirit, with your intuition. Your spirit is the ultimate authority and holds power over the final say in all that you do. ...The spirit is the seat of our values, guiding the mind and body. Therefore, tending to the needs of your spirit is paramount to living a healthy and balanced life. 

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fiLLLed in 5: Turn Resistance To Change Into Acceptance And Growth Now

Finding meaning in change is about embracing the journey with all its ups and downs. It's about recognizing that change is a natural part of life and that each one brings the potential for growth. By reflecting on your experiences, seeking personal growth, and staying connected to your values, you can navigate the currents of life with a sense of purpose and meaning, while growing an ever richer connection with God. Each change becomes a stepping stone on your path, shaping you into the person you are meant to be.

fiLLLed in 5: What's my purpose? Why is there suffering? Who is God?

fiLLLed in 5: Explore the Big Questions About Faith, God, and Purpose

Faith is both a deeply personal and a profoundly universal aspect of the human experience. Whether we find ourselves in moments of profound joy, deep sorrow, or simple everyday routines, questions of faith often hover in the background, inviting contemplation and reflection. Through these questions, we seek to understand the mysteries of existence, our purpose, and the divine. Exploring the big questions of faith is not just an intellectual exercise; it is a journey that shapes our lives and informs our understanding of the world.

fiLLLed in 5: Empower Your Spiritual Growth Now By Joining a Community

The role of community in spiritual growth is indispensable. Through communal worship, shared rituals, collective wisdom, accountability, and moral support, spiritual communities provide a nurturing environment that fosters individual spiritual growth. These communities create a sense of belonging and purpose, helping you to feel connected to something greater than yourself. While spiritual growth is a deeply personal journey, it’s within the embrace of a supportive community that you often find the strength, inspiration, and guidance you need to flourish spiritually.

fiLLLed in 5: Connect Now With the Divine Within You

It's a journey that invites us to venture beyond our ordinary routines and delve into the depths of our being with an open heart and a ready spirit. At the heart of this journey lies the practice of mindfulness, a posture that invites us to be present in the moment, tuning into the still small voice through mindfulness, we learn to quiet the chaos of the mind, to still the relentless waves of thoughts and to tune ourselves to the subtle rhythms of the universe in the sanctuary of stillness.

fiLLLed in 5: Empower Your Spiritual Life With Authenticity Now

Once I allowed myself to step into my authenticity, to embrace the practices that truly spoke to me, everything changed. Friend, what works for others may not be the practice for you. When you find and embrace authenticity, your spiritual practice becomes more than just a routine—it becomes a sacred dance between your heart and the universe. It's not about what others do or what you think you should do. It's about honoring your unique journey and allowing yourself to listen to and be guided by your inner compass, which always points toward your Higher Power. 

fiLLLed in 5: Cultivating Love and Empathy For Others

Developing our love for others, then, encompasses not only our ability to love others but also our ability to receive love from others, without skepticism. Growing spiritually through cultivating love for others involves practicing compassion, empathy, and kindness towards others. Here's how to foster those skills:

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fiLLLed in 5: The Benefits Of Self-Love In Spiritual Growth - How to Love Yourself & Love Your Life

We want to build lives that are fiLLLed with light, life, and love.  As we seek to grow spiritually, we know that the more love we have in our hearts, the better we will be. And wherever we have hate, disdain, or dislike in our hearts, it's going to limit us in our spiritual growth. One of the places that we harbor dislike, disdain, and in some places even hate, is within ourselves. That might be a shocking statement, and some of you might be nodding right along, knowing how true this could be.

A picture of a woman in a reverent posture and the words: fiLLLed in 5 Strengthen Your Relationship with God

fiLLLed in 5: Grow Your Spirit and Upgrade Your Prayer Life Now

When this topic comes up, often people think, "I need to pray more," or "I need to have a better prayer life." I rarely speak to anyone who is satisfied with their prayer life. Mine opened up for me when I realized that I could pray while moving. I am a person who learns by doing, and the same translates to my spiritual life. Moving my body helps to energize my spirit.

A person stretching up toward the sky and the words: Body, Mind, Spirit fiLLLed in 5

fiLLLed in 5: Integrate Spirituality into Your Life and Make Your Spirit Soar

We don't want to keep our spiritual life compartmentalized in a little box inside ourselves. We want it to be fully present with us. The goal of the spiritual life, and of life in itself, is to be a fully integrated body, mind, and spirit everywhere we go, whether that's at work, together with our family, out having fun with friends, or wherever we may be. It's the process of incorporating our beliefs, values, and experiences into our lives.


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Hi, my name is Melissa Ebken, and I'm so glad you found your way here. 

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