Fruits of the Spirit

Did you know that there are nine behaviors that can indicate whether you have a healthy, vibrant spirit?

We are all trying to get healthier, live longer, and be happier, right? And while a lot of the talk around health today focuses on the body, very little of the wellness conversation is centered on the most critical aspect of your well-being… your spirit. More and more studies reveal the connection between our bodies, minds, and spirits. Our spiritual health directly impacts our physical health and well-being.

The fruits of the spirit are:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Goodness
  • Gentleness
  • Faithfulness
  • Self-Control

How Do You Tend to Your Spirit’s Needs?

The work of nurturing your spirit starts with your relationship with yourself.

  • How much do you blame yourself for past mistakes, and are you holding on to grudges toward others?

  • How honest are you with yourself? Do you honestly love and appreciate everything about who you are?

  • How well do you know your true, inner self? How much time do you spend getting to know the person you really are?

  • Do you suffer from inner turmoil?

  • Do you lack inner peace and contentment?

These are the areas in which you can start your journey toward spiritual healing. And when you begin, you can discover how to unlock and harness the fruits of your spirit to enjoy a fuller, happier life.


In Fruits of the Spirit you will learn:

  • What it means to have a healthy spirit

  • The criteria for living a spiritually healthy life

  • Why having a strong spirit is vital in your life

  • How to know if your spirit is damaged or in need of help

  • The role your body plays in the formation and health of your spirit

  • The difference between your soul and your spirit

  • How your emotions, will, and mind all combine to create your soul

  • The role of conscience, intuition, and values in your spirit’s well-being

  • How your body, soul, and spirit are all connected and work together

  • Ways to improve your spiritual health

  • The meaning of each of the fruits of the spirit and how to nurture each within your own self

  • The importance of achieving a healthy spirit for inner peace

  • Nearly 20 different strategies for personal development that will address your spirit’s health

  • Identify the strong and not-so-healthy aspects of your spirit’s well-being

Grasp the real power of the nine fruits of the spirit and how they can transform your life for the better. 

Explore your true nature and what makes you special and unique. When you download your copy of The Fruits Of the Spirit, you are just a few short pages away from starting your journey toward a stronger spirit and a healthier life.

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