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Psalm 139 Exercise

This is an exercise to help you experience nearness to God/Higher Power/Spirit.

Stages Of Faith Development

This video talks about how to pick up the pieces and rebuild your faith after trauma or heartbreak. It discusses Fowler's Stages of Faith Development and how we grow our faith.

8 Steps To Forgiveness

8 steps to guide you and help you to forgive and get your peace back!

Feelings Scavenger Hunt

Increase your capacity for empathy.

25 Emotional Wellness Skills

25 tips for emotional wellness

Inner Healing Miracles

Heal your negative emotions!


Affirmations to start your day.

Science and Faith

Science and faith belong together!

Devotions on Healing

30 devotions on healing.

Guided Meditation - Quiet Place

Guided meditation for peace and calm.

Spirit Strong: Cultivate a Vital and Lasting Faith

We need BIG faith to sustain us in these chaotic times and move beyond the anger, frustration, and divisiveness we all experience. I will show you HOW to build one. It doesn't have to be hard, and it doesn't have to take a decade. I'll show you HOW to connect with God/Higher Power/Spirit meaningfully that works for YOU (We don't all do this the same way!) and give you the tools you need to navigate the everyday difficulties of this beautiful and challenging life. 

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