How To Rebuild Faith After Heartbreak

When the sun shines and the wind is at your back and love is in the air, faith comes naturally. When life is great, it's easy to believe in a God/Higher Power/Spirit that is love. Faith gets difficult when life gets dicey and things don't go our way - or even implode on us completely! Have you had your heart broken? Have you experienced trauma? Have you received violence? All of these events can profoundly affect and even disrupt one's faith. But that doesn't have to be the end of the story. You can heal yourself and grow your faith.

Emotional Intelligence: What It Is, What's In It For You, and How To Get It

Emotional intelligence and spiritual practices build upon the other. Growing spiritually, empowers emotional growth, as growing emotionally, fuels spiritual growth. If we look to Christ as the epitome of self-actualization, he is both emotionally and spiritually intelligent. As you continue to grow your faith and spiritual practices, you can also take the following steps to grow your emotional intelligence.

Healthy Ways To Deal With Anger

Anger, while unhealthy, is familiar. We know what anger is and how to bear it. Though it isn't good for us to hang onto, it is a familiar burden. Sometimes, what we name as anger or choose to feel as anger may be something else that we are afraid of. Anger can be an imposter, hiding more intense emotions like fear, shame, grief, or guilt. These other emotions are big and can be frightening to sit with. However, once we name them for what they are, we can rid ourselves of them. 

Find Contentment Through Emotional Health

Many of us spare little time or thought for our spiritual and emotional health. This pertains to the ability to recognize and manage your emotions, both negative and positive. People with good emotional health have developed strategies to deal with their daily emotions or even larger emotions for traumatic events, such as losing a job or the death of a loved one. 

Stop Being Overwhelmed By Hard-Hitting Emotions

When emotions begin to overwhelm us, it can feel like normal functioning is impossible. From the interactions with your closest relationships to mundane tasks at work, an inability to process can leave you feeling paralyzed, emotionally drained, and psychologically blocked. In this headspace, it might feel like you’re simply subservient to these feelings. However, there are methods you can use in these situations, to regain control, and come out from under it. 

7 Reasons Your Emotions Matter

Emotions are a conscious experience. They help us identify our responses and trigger our actions to events and circumstances. Emotions allow us to find an infinite pool of social information, which allows us to communicate our needs to others and realize the needs of others. They give us the ability to experience the ups and downs of life and can help us create, maintain, and navigate our relationships with others, and to connect with God/Higher Power/Spirit. Emotions help us survive. They have the ability to trigger our body’s fight-or-flight response. 

5 Reasons You Can't Get Your Needs Met

The foundation for having your needs met is a strong spiritual connection. Whether you are religious or not, spirituality is a significant factor in your overall health and well-being. Often what you feel is an undefined restlessness that you seek to resolve. For instance, you may take on a project to experience fulfillment. At the completion of a project, you commonly do experience fulfillment, but it is fleeting. Tending to your spiritual life rounds us out in a way like no other. A healthy and vital inner-life brings peace. It gives us purpose and direction. It connects us to other people, causes, and strength that transcends our individual experience.

5 Strategies For Living a Simpler Life

Something happens in our soul when we let go of extra things - whether they are emotional or physical. We feel lighter. We breathe easier. Who doesn’t want that?

10 Basics For A Fulfilling Life

Nobody wants to look back on their life with regrets. You might have some regrets about the mistakes you have made or things you have done or opportunities you lost. But you can make a conscious decision to minimize your regrets by leading a more fulfilling life. Below, you will find 10 basic rules for leading a fulfilling life.

How to Love and Accept Yourself

Everybody has quirks. There is something “different” about every human on this planet. We aren’t robots with predictable programming. What a boring world that would be! Instead, we all have a distinct set of characteristics with boundless capabilities!


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