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10 Steps To A Happier Life


You may find yourself in a season of life that is difficult. Perhaps you are a little depressed or grieving a loss. We all go through these seasons, and it's helpful to remember that it is a season and seasons change. There are exercises you can do to facilitate a life that is anchored in a more positive experience.

Let's assume your spirit, emotions, and mind are a garden. Planting seeds of fear, anger, and disappointment will make your garden horrible, but if you plant seeds like appreciation,
warmth, and love, your garden will produce a nourishing, eye-pleasing, and bountiful harvest.

There's a lot written about "superfoods" that contribute to the function of our bodies, let's consider 10 "power emotions" that combat the negative emotions and enable us to enjoy more enjoyment and abundance. To learn more about this topic, and about mastering your emotions, check out my Inner Healing Ebook.

As we consider these 10 Power Emotions, please remember that spirituality and emotional health are two sides of the same coin. That is to say, that engaging in spiritual practices like prayer and meditation will multiply your efforts to grow emotionally. Likewise, intentional effort in growing emotionally will supercharge your spiritual life and practice. They grow together. Click here for resources to grow your spiritual life.

10 Power Emotions


Abundance appears, and fear disappears when you're grateful. You can improve your health, create loving relationships, and expand your happiness if you use gratitude as the immensely powerful force it is. To live a happier life, practice gratitude. The single greatest power to change your life is gratitude. When you practice gratitude, you'll see that you begin to feel some rays of hope and your gloominess will begin to disappear. Click here for more benefits of gratitude.


You must have the determination to make change happen if you're going to create lasting value in the world. Hunger is a force you must use to get to that higher place above; whether you desire to be a successful businessperson, a musician, an athlete, a politician, or whatever it is you want to be. To become the best in what you do and live life on your terms and have choices, note that hunger is the single most valuable secret to success in life. Hunger is the most essential emotion to success.


Passion gives you a sense of purpose; it breaks your old patterns of thinking and shakes your mind free from limiting beliefs. Passion is the engine behind your drive, your capability, and your imagination. Passion is a force that awakens you and keeps you interested in new dimensions to do more creatively without getting tired or feeling disturbed. When you are doing the things you love to do, the effort is seemless.

Love and Warmth

Love has a tremendous power that can quench any negative emotion it collides with. Love is the greatest gift of all, and it's an exquisite emotion. Be kind and gracious to yourself and extend this to others as well. People may be wicked, crude, and unkind, but when they see the love you radiate, you'll be making them a better person, and making the world a better place.


Nothing is a chore when you're curious. One of the main reasons children never get bored is because they always marvel at things most obvious and they know how to wonder. If you really want to grow in life, cultivate child-like curiosity.


We live in a life where nothing is fixed. Anything can happen and therefore the amount of uncertainty you're willing to live with is what will determine your level of happiness in life. Success can only be assured when you can adapt swiftly without being upset.


You'll enjoy the sense of certainty you desire when you have unshakable confidence. Trusting that things will work out and exerting eagerness to experience the power of faith is what it means to be confident. Spirituality and emotional health go hand in hand. 


You'll be transmitting a sense of joy to those around you when you're intensely cheerful. If you want to live a life full of pleasure and pleasurable moments, be cheerful, or at least, live it with a very cheerful person. It's hard to be cheerful when you feel grumpy - I get that. Gratitude brings us out of grumpiness and into a happier place. As you cultivate these power emotions into your life, the effects radiate. 


Our life force is our energy or vitality. Consciously choose to have a state of mind that's rich in energy because our psychology is the ultimate source of energy. Your energy level is where your emotional or mental state begins. This isn't something we are born with and forever beholden to, it's something we can change and cultivate within ourselves.

Sense Of Contribution

Life takes on a new, deeper sense of meaning when we contribute our gifts and abilities to make life better for others. If what you do adds something to the lives of others or maybe just one person, there's a sense of fulfillment you'll enjoy. To experience life’s deepest joy, contribute selflessly and sincerely to the life of others.

As you can see, these power emotions build on each other. Once you develop a gratitude practice, you will experience greater cheerfulness, you will have more vitality, and you will experience greater flexibility because you will see abundance all around you. Your spiritual life will both support the emotional growth and be multiplied by it. Blessings to you, dear reader on your journey. Reach out to me if you have questions or want to connect.


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