Refund Policy

Customer may terminate and discontinue the Services at any time, for any reason, by providing notice to Company in writing, subject to the terms of this Agreement, but no portion of payments already made will be refunded. If cancelling a monthly membership, termination after the 15th of the month forfeits refund for that month. If cancelling a monthly membership, termination before the 15th of the month entitles the Customer to a refund of that month. 

If Company is unable to provide Services as outlined above, Company or Company’s agents will contact Customer to reschedule or offer an alternate purchase.  If no suitable alternative is available, Customer may be entitled to a partial refund, which may be pro-rated depending on the nature of the product or Services, at Company’s discretion.

Company’s refund policy is as follows:
All purchases of downloadable products are final and are non-refundable. See TERMINATION paragraphs above for monthly membership refunds.

Customer understands Company’s refund policy and agrees that no refunds will be given outside of the scope of this policy.

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