Blog fiLLLed in 5: Connect Now With the Divine Within You

fiLLLed in 5: Connect Now With the Divine Within You



Welcome to fiLLLed in 5, where we take five minutes to consider an aspect of the spiritual life. Today, let's look at searching for and connecting with God at the very core of our being. In the tapestry of existence amidst all the noise of daily life lies a profound and sacred journey awaiting each of us, the journey within, seeking a connection with the divine. 

The spiritual journey isn't merely an external pilgrimage, but also a profound exploration of the depths of our own soul, where we encounter God. The path to connecting with the divine within is as varied as the stars of the sky. It's deeply personal, shaped by our experiences, beliefs, and yearnings. 

It's a journey that invites us to venture beyond our ordinary routines and delve into the depths of our being with an open heart and a ready spirit. At the heart of this journey lies the practice of mindfulness, a posture that invites us to be present in the moment, tuning into the still Small voice through mindfulness, we learn to quiet the chaos of the mind, to still the relentless waves of thoughts and to tune ourselves to the subtle rhythms of the universe in the sanctuary of stillness.

We discover that God isn't an unreachable entity, but an ever-present source that dwells at the very core of our being.  God is the silent witness who observes our joys and sorrows, the gentle guide that nudges us toward our highest potential, and the abundant source of love and compassion that flows through us and connects us to all of creation. 

Yet, connecting deeply with that divine source isn't merely about basking in the moments of transcendent bliss. It's also embracing the full spectrum of human existence. The light and the shadow, the ecstasy and the agony. It's the whole of life in all of the trials, tribulations and triumphs that we often find the most profound opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation. 

In our moments of distress, when the world seems bleak and our spirits are weighed down, it's the divine within that serves as our guiding light, showing us the path ahead and providing us with the strength and resilience to persevere.  It's during these difficult and uncomfortable times we are called to surrender to the wisdom of the Holy One, trusting in the inherent goodness of the universe, and allowing ourselves to be carried on the currents of grace. 

Ultimately, the journey to connecting with the divine within is a lifelong pilgrimage, a sacred dance of self-discovery and self-transcendence that unfolds with each passing moment. It's a journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space, inviting us to awaken to the infinite possibilities that lie dormant within us and to realize our inherent holiness. 

As we embark on this sacred journey, we are not alone - never alone - God is ever present, walking beside us every step of the way.  Open your heart to the wisdom that resides within. Trust in the innate goodness of your soul and the guiding hand that leads you toward your truest self.  In the end, it's not the destination that matters, but the journey itself.

The journey of becoming who we were always meant to be, of realizing the divine within and embodying the highest expressions of love, compassion, and truth.  May we walk this path with courage, humility, and grace, knowing that we are forever held in God's loving embrace.  That's the filled life.  I'm Melissa Ebken, the pastor of the Iliopolis and Niantic Christian churches.

I lead spiritual direction groups that support and encourage each other as we journey together. Reach out if you would like to join a group or have an individual spiritual direction session and explore the inner life of your soul.  For now, be well, be present, and be thankful. 


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