Dealing With Adversity

Dealing With Adversity

Dealing With Adversity

Emerging Stronger

There has long been a belief among laypeople that adversity leads to the triumph of being a more resilient, well-rounded person. Going through that difficult time has shaped individuals into stronger people who can face change and trauma with steel and determination. Right?

It is essential to understand that most people can cope with significant adversity without suffering permanent damage. However, there is a limit to this. We often bounce back from hardship much quicker than expected and are in better shape than anticipated.

People who had experienced some adversity (two-four adverse traumas) had better life outcomes than those who had experienced no lifetime adversity whatsoever.

With what we have long known about the human body and our relationship with stress, the results of this study come as no surprise. A manageable level of stress can help you approach life with greater confidence and without any adversity. How can you hone your skills with coping and managing life’s stressful events? On the flip side, too much stress and hardship can be overwhelming. There is plenty to be learned from the results of this study.

The major takeaway is that attempting to shelter yourself (or your loved ones) from adversity is unwise. While it’s natural to protect people from negative experiences, it can make it difficult for them to tackle life’s more significant problems down the line.

Everyone needs the opportunity to build their confidence and psychological strength; both of these are necessary to succeed. By shielding someone from life’s realities, we set them up for failure.

So, while you made it through your parent’s divorce, being bullied, or moving, that wasn’t the same level of trauma or adversity as someone else may have faced. There is a stark difference between these situations and physical or sexual abuse or losing a loved one at a young age.

We see the effects of serious adversity in youth when we look at how many abused children end up in care and go on to prison due to their inability to cope with life’s experiences (Justice Study: Prior Abuse Reported by Inmates, Tom Birch). 

Additionally, if you have faced much adversity, there is no need to beat yourself up for not bouncing back. Life’s experiences have likely left a mark, and while life has not been kind, you are still here, and you have battled through it all to be here. So, be kinder to yourself and seek comfort and assistance from your loved ones, as it is necessary to heal.

12 Steps To Overcoming Adversity

In this eBook, you will find tips and strategies, emerging from decades of research, to overcome strategies from:

  • Money problems
  • Physical Limitations and Handicaps
  • Emotional Problems
  • Mental Illness
  • Social Adversity
  • Spiritual Adversity

Life Happens - random things we encounter or happen to us or ones we love

Resilience is the ability to cope in the face of adversity, to adapt to the hardships and losses of life.

This eBook will help you develop your resistance.

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