Pursuing Podcasting

Start a High-Ranking Podcast
Without the Overwhelm

Podcasts are a fantastic way to showcase your expertise, establish authority in your field, and make valuable connections. But getting started can be overwhelming!

          Where will you host your podcast?
          How do you name it?
          What makes good cover art?
          How do I edit a podcast?
          What equipment do I need?
          What online sites are worth investing in?
          How much will it cost?
          Do I need a website?
          How do I record?
          How do I get it listed in all the podcast outlets?
          How do I market it?

Podcast Statistics

According to a survey reported by a professor at Rutgers:

  • 62% of Americans aged 12 and over have listened to a podcast in 2022, up from 57% in 2021.

  • More than 80% of podcast listeners (82.4%, to be exact) spend upwards of 7 hours in an average week listening to their favorite podcast listening app.

  • 50% of Americans between 12 and 34 years old surveyed listened to a podcast in the last month.

People listen to podcasts for entertainment, to learn new things, and to pass the time while cleaning, walking, or driving. Podcasting is an excellent way to connect with your people. 

Start Your Podcast Without Mistakes, Overwhelm, and Wasting Money

I have created, edited, and produced a podcast that ranks in the top 5% worldwide.
I will share my process with you.

Most podcasts are doomed before they ever record. Without the proper research and groundwork, you will not have a podcast that people want to listen to, and you will quickly become overwhelmed by the workload. Work smart. I walk you through every step to ensure you are prepared before you ever turn on the mic.

Are you going to be a solo podcaster? Will you have guests? Will you interview them remotely? Which type of microphone is best for podcasting? I will walk you through the equipment you need - and don't need - to begin your podcast. And, I will help you prepare your space to achieve the best sound.

Software is a key component for a successful podcast. This is where a lot of people waste a lot of money. I will help you decide the software that's best for you and your goals for recording, editing, hosting, marketing, and finding guests. I will discuss useful AI tools, and take you through my workflow.

Don't Waste Time and Money on Strategies That Don't Work

For just $47 you can have a podcast that is primed for success and doesn't overwhelm you in 3 weeks or less. 
Don't miss out on a rapidly growing trend.
Connect with your people today and become a recognized authority in your field.

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