21-Day Forgiveness Challenge

Move On from Past Hurts, Break Free from Resentment and Start Moving Forward in Business and Life!

It’s possible to stop letting the past suck the fun, radiance, and excitement out of your current experience and start living a soul-gratifying life no matter what you’ve been through!

Let me guess…

  • You’ve had issues with people in your life or business not living up to their end of a commitment and you’ve lost money, clients or even clout as a result

  • You feel annoyed (or even angry) when you see someone who treated you negatively in the past living their own best life (how dare they, right?)

  • You find it hard to plan for–and make moves toward–the future because you’re so fixated on what went wrong in the past– You’re stuck in a shame-spiral about one (or a few) specific mistakes YOU made as a leader or business owner and can’t seem to shake the painful guilt, self-blame and pounds of regret

It's Time to Forgive the Past So You Can Go All In On Your Future!

  • You'll feel lighter, brighter and more vibrant than you have in months (or years)
  • You’ll no longer be afraid to say YES to the things you KNOW will move you forward in life & business (i.e. the new offer you’ve been shy about releasing into the world or that certification you’ve been eyeing for years but didn’t quite feel worthy of)
  • You'll feel less stressed, more mindful, and better in your body
  • You'll feel actual sympathy (and even positive emotions) for the people and situations that once used to make your blood boil and twist your stomach into knots
  • You'll love your life and business again, you'll feel more compassion for yourself & your emotions will no longer run the show


The 21-Day Forgiveness Challenge

In only 21 Days, You Will Experience:

Identify exactly who you need to forgive to free up energy so you can move forward with confidence and happiness.

Feel and accept your true feelings so you stop subconsciously sabotaging your success.

Release, let go and deeply heal with a variety of powerful forgiveness rituals that work.

Once you’ve made the decision and know in your bones you’re ready to feel, heal, and forge ahead, this work will bring a dramatic change to your life. The world will open up to you in ways you can’t even fathom right now.

So, you tell me.
Do you want to continue to hold onto all the hurt and resentment from your past...
…or do you want to start living a whole, open-hearted life that’s full of everything you ever dreamed of?

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