Characteristics and Preferences of the Advocate

Practices for you

  • How you receive the information is less important for The Advocate than what the information is.
  • Does the information share a success story?
  • Does the information provide helpful tips and strategies for the work you are doing or want to do?
  • Developing people and structures to bring about social change
  • Journaling your thoughts and ideas for greater understanding
  • Spending time with others who also engage in this work
  • Engaging with success stories, so you do not lose sight of what's possible
  • The type of worship service isn't as important as the message of the service. Is there a clear call to action? Is there a focus on social justice? Is there an opportunity to serve?

Some challenges you may face

  • Being overcome with the amount of work left to do
  • Becoming "pigeon-holed" in your work and beliefs
  • Getting weighed down with the grimness and the deep needs of those you serve

The way you best receive information when learning in other areas of life is similar to how you receive spiritual information as well. As The Advocate, you want to know how things are functioning so that you can either replicate that in other areas, or work to open its function to all. Don’t neglect the interior reflection that means so much to you. It's easy to get lost in a cause. Remember that your driving force is Spirit, and Spirit will sustain you in your work. How do you tend to your spirit’s needs? The work of nurturing your spirit starts with your relationship with yourself.

Some Questions to Ponder For Continued Spiritual Growth

    • How much do you blame yourself for past mistakes, and are you holding onto grudges toward others?
    • How honest are you with yourself? Do you honestly love and appreciate everything about who you are?
    • How well do you know your true inner self? How much time do you spend getting to know the person you really are?
    • Do you suffer from inner turmoil?
    • Do you lack inner peace and contentment?
    • How easily can you forgive others?
    • What's missing in your spiritual life?

    The work of nurturing your spirit starts with your relationship with yourself. Whether your health and happiness are suffering, or you want to learn to prevent future problems, tending to and cultivating your spirit is a critical part of self-care and healthy habits. And taking care of your spirit requires new ways of thinking.


    In this Ebook, you will learn to identify the strong and not-so-healthy aspects of your spirit’s well-being and grasp the real power of the nine fruits of the spirit and how they can transform your life for the better.

    The Benefits of Having a Healthy, Vibrant Spirit
    • Less stress- Spiritual health helps you cope with the stressors in life
    • Lower levels of depression- A healthy spirit can alleviate the effects of mental health issues like depression.
    • Longer life- Those with a purpose in life and who focus on their spiritual needs are more likely to live longer. Those who attend church regularly or who engage in private spiritual practice, like meditation, are less likely to die from heart- or cancer-related problems.
    • Lower blood pressure- focus on your spirit reduces your blood pressure significantly.
    • Improved social connections- when you address your spiritual needs, you are much more likely to find connection with others.
    • Better overall health- Those who focus on their spirit’s needs are also more likely to attend to their physical body, resulting in improved overall health.
    • More positive feelings- Your spirit is directly connected to your levels of happiness and contentment in life, so when your spirit is strong, you tend to have a more positive outlook.
    • And much more!
    Here is what you will learn
    • What it means to have a healthy spirit
    • The criteria for living a spiritually healthy life
    • Why having a strong spirit is vital in your life
    • How to know if your spirit is damaged or in need of help
    • The role your body plays in the formation and health of your spirit
    • The difference between your soul and your spirit
    • How your emotions, will, and mind all combine to create your soul
    • The role of conscience, intuition, and values in your spirit’s well-being
    • How your body, soul, and spirit are all connected and work together
    • Ways to improve your spiritual health
    • The meaning of each of the fruits of the spirit and how to nurture each within your own self
    • The importance of achieving a healthy spirit for inner peace
    • Nearly 20 different strategies for personal development that will address your spirit’s health

    Melissa Ekben

    Founder and CEO
    Melissa Ebken, Light Life and Love Ministries®

    Melissa’s passion in ministry is to live and worship alongside the people who live and work in rural communities. She has served the Illiopolis Christian Church (DOC) since July 2, 2001. January 1, 2012 Melissa began serving both Illiopolis and Niantic Christian Churches (DOC) and continues in ministry there today.

    Melissa is at home in the difficult spaces of peoples’ lives, willing to listen and to walk with those who struggle and suffer. She is a trained coach and has consulted with churches in conflict. Melissa embraces the Gospel with joy as she seeks to help those around her grow in faith, always striving to leave people better than they came. Melissa works to invite others into a space where they can understand how loved and valued they are by the Holy.

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