Teach Us To Pray:

Prayer is the most natural thing we do. But it's often frustrating and unfulfilling

  • How Should I pray?
  • Am I saying the right words?
  • Can I pray for myself?
  • What if I fell asleep?
  • Why are some of my prayers not answered?
  • When should I pray?
  • What if I forget something?

Praying is as natural as drawing in a breath, but we overcomplicate it. Praying as Jesus taught us is more than merely repeating words.

Benefits of a fulfilling prayer life

  • Prayer brings us closer to God. When we pray, there's an intimacy between us and God. 
  • Prayer shapes our perspective. When we develop a consistent prayer practice, we gain perspective on our lives, our needs, and the needs of others.
  • Prayer brings inner peace. Sharing our greatest anxieties, worries, and fears allows us to unburden ourselves and to take in the love and peace God offers.
  • Prayer inspires hope. When we pray, we are reminded of God's promises, and the many things we have already overcome.
  • Prayer makes the whole body healthier. Because prayer has the ability to transform and renew our spirits, we will also reap the benefits in our bodies. Multiple studies cite the connection between spiritual practices of prayer and healthier lives.


Melissa Ebken

Pastor, Founder and CEO
Melissa Ebken, Light Life and Love Ministries®

Melissa’s passion in ministry is to live and worship alongside the people who live and work in rural communities. She has served the Illiopolis Christian Church (DOC) since July 2, 2001. January 1, 2012 Melissa began serving both Illiopolis and Niantic Christian Churches (DOC) and continues in ministry there today.

Melissa is at home in the difficult spaces of peoples’ lives, willing to listen and to walk with those who struggle and suffer. She is a trained coach and has consulted with churches in conflict. Melissa embraces the Gospel with joy as she seeks to help those around her grow in faith, always striving to leave people better than they came. Melissa works to invite others into a space where they can understand how loved and valued they are by the Holy.

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