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What Is Emotional Wellness?


   Somewhere along the path to securing success and living our best life, we lose sight of our emotional sense of wellness. We get caught up in our hectic schedules and busy lives. It becomes a delicate balance of staying engaged with our jobs while taking care of our families. Somewhere along the way, we sacrifice ourselves, ignoring those things that impact our physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 
    Emotional wellness plays a significant role in our lives. It provides us with a sense of self-empathy and allows us to have an awareness of feelings. This awareness of feelings extends not only to others in our lives, but it starts with self-appreciation. Emotional well-being can serve as a boost to our self-esteem and enables us to be resilient. 

Emotional wellness does not mean being happy all the time.

    Emotional wellness does not mean being happy all the time. Emotional wellness is when a person's belief of what they are feeling becomes realized into physical manifestations of that belief. 
    Consider the following, when you feel optimistic and ripe with encouragement; it creates an aura or feeling, triggering the release of endorphins and positivity. Emotional wellness allows us to feel in sync with life’s purpose, family, social life, and work. 

Other benefits of emotional wellness include:

*    An ability to manage stress
*    Self-care skills
*    Comfortable in seeking support for others

    Emotionally well individuals recognize that to remain in good, emotional health; they must confront even the most difficult of situations. There must always be a sense of control or self-care and self-management. 
    Each of these perceptions feeds into our overall quality of life. When we have emotional wellness, we are capable of controlling our feelings. We can participate in decision-making activities without the confusion of other influences that may be internal to who we are or from the environment surrounding us.  
    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), well-being is a vital component of mental health. Emotional wellness motivates us to feel happy, take an interest in life, and gives us an extraordinary sense of satisfaction (NIH, 2015). We are productive, and we are positive beings. Unfortunately, emotional wellness is not always our top priority.  
    Without it, we will have a difficult time coping with the normal stresses of life or being a productive member of society. The ability to regulate our emotions is a critical ingredient for mental wellness. This skill allows us to manage our stress and reduce the risk for psychological conditions such as depression. 
    Want to learn more? Download your FREE copy of 25 Emotional Wellness Skills. 

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