Blog Tiny Changes Add Up To Big Results

Tiny Changes Add Up To Big Results


    Healthy thyroid function is vital to our survival. The thyroid regulates metabolism, our heart rate, the functioning of our muscles and bones, and our brains. Without a thyroid, we would ultimately end up with no heart beat, no brain function, no ability to process food for energy, or the framework to support our bodies.
    Thyroids also are lazy, apparently. They don’t have the gumption to get up and get to work on their own. The brain apparently knows this about the thyroid, and arranges for a delivery of a stimulant - cleverly called TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) to head over and get the thyroid up and moving. If one’s thyroid is suspected of not getting up and going to work, a simple blood test will reveal if there’s an abundance of TSH in your system. In other words - is it like a parent trying to wake up a teenager type situation? Your brain knows how important it is for your thyroid to go to work and it will keep hollering for it to get up and moving. 
    In this outcome, one can take Synthroid, a synthetic hormone, to give the thyroid what it needs to get out of bed of a morning. I take a generic version of this medicine. It is 150 micrograms. Now, my mind can’t comprehend what 150 micrograms is. I needed a reference. I figured something that small would maybe equate to say the mass of a bee’s wing. After some research (yes, I looked this up) the wing of a bumblebee is much larger than 150 micrograms. A bumblebee’s wing mass is half a gram. So, if you do the math here, divide that bumblebee’s wing into 500 pieces. Then take half of that and you will have approximately 150 micrograms. 
    So, why am I talking about thyroids, bumblebees, and Synthroid? Because of this: A small amount of that medicine, a dose the size of 1000th of a bumblebee’s wing, is the difference between life and death for me. Not in the sense of if I don’t get my dose tomorrow I will keel over, but if I don’t get it, my body will begin to shut down. That teeny, tiny, microscopic amount is the difference between life and death for me, and millions like me.
​    One tiny change, taking a daily dose of what I need, gives me life. In turn, I am free to give life and light to others. Sometimes, it’s one small change that makes all the difference. What small change can you make today that will give you life? 

Your Partner In Spiritual Health,


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