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The Difference 2 Weeks Can Make


   It's amazing the difference two weeks can make. It's been two weeks since my last post, and life looks a lot different today than it did then. Two weeks ago, we were still in the clutches of winter, hunkering down for one of the worst winter storms to hit our nation, bringing record-breaking cold, snow, and power outages to most of us. Two weeks ago, players were just beginning to arrive at their spring training facilities to begin preparation for this coming baseball season. Two weeks ago, I was preparing ashes and words of mortality.
Two weeks later...

    Today, I am telling stories of spring! I have been taking pictures of tiny green shoots poking through the soil, listening to birds singing their praises, and readying my home and yard for warmer temperatures. This afternoon my phone will buzz with declarations of, "Play ball!" Today, I am making preparations to celebrate resurrection and new life. I look at my closet and I'm tempted to move those short sleeves and cropped pants to a more accessible shelf. Sure, the temps will dip again, and it may even snow, but those things don't hold the grip they did two weeks ago. A new season is emerging.

What two weeks can do

    There have been other times in my life when two weeks have made a world of difference. After delivering my son, I wondered how my body could ever recover. After a knee surgery, the same... Two weeks make a huge difference! When I went to Basic Training down in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina and Advanced Individual Training in Ft. Rucker, Alabama, the first days in those trainings were eye-opening to put it mildly. But after two weeks, there was a level of confidence, an understanding of rhythm, and a knowledge that this little engine would make it up that hill.

    Looking back over the last year, we have seen, experienced, and adapted so much. I look back at what I have learned and accomplished; it's a lot. The first two weeks look much different than the subsequent ones. 

What could you do in two weeks?

  • How might your faith grow if you committed to a spiritual practice for two weeks?
  • How might your relationships deepen if you made a commitment to focus on them for two weeks?
  • How might your mindset and outlook explode if you committed to believing the best about yourself and your possibilities for two weeks?

    I want you to find out!! And - you don't have to do it alone. I'll be your biggest cheerleader and encourager. Let me know your plans...

Your Partner In Spiritual Health,


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