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    It strikes me that when Jesus sends out the disciples in pairs to cast out demons and heal the lame, there weren’t any special preparations taken. Nobody held a bake sale to raise funds, nobody held a planning retreat, and nobody organized a workshop to ensure they knew what they were doing. Jesus gave them authority to go out and do these things. Out of nowhere. One day they are bumbling disciples following Jesus, the next day they are sent out to do the work themselves. 
    There are situations when preparation and training are musts - say if you’re a pilot or surgeon. But other times, those times when God places an idea in our hearts and minds that we can’t shove away or dismiss, often these things require a leap of faith. We like to have things planned out. We like to have contingencies. We like to line up the ducks. And when we don’t have all of these things, we don’t start. Consider this: what if all the details and plans you’re waiting on, are the things God wants to provide? What if taking the first step opens the next door? 
    Waiting for perfect (unless we’re engineers or pilots) can often hold us back and keep us from taking action. The first action - even if it is imperfect action - is often what we need to move forward in life. I look back on the first days of editing video to broadcast worship services, or those first attempts at going live, and I see a lot of mistakes. Had I waited for perfect, there would still be nothing to show for my efforts. 
​    Taking that first step is hard! You don’t have to do it blindly or alone. A coach is a valuable asset.

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I am at home in the difficult spaces of peoples’ lives, willing to listen and to support those who work to grow themselves. I am a trained coach and have consulted with churches in conflict. Not your stereotypical minister, I embrace the Gospel with joy and laughter as I seek to help those around me grow in faith and understanding, always striving to leave people better than they came. An agent of wholeness, I create a safe space for people, especially those who have been marginalized, where they can understand how ridiculously loved and valued they are by God/Higher Power/Spirit, and to experience the difference that makes in life. 

I started the Pursuing Uncomfortable Podcast to share the stories of people who have faced life's most difficult challenges, to inspire you to lean into and overcome your own. It's helpful to know that you're not alone in your struggles and to see how others have navigated similar circumstances. You can listen to it here.

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