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Super Bowl LV Edition


   One hundred and fourteen million, four hundred thousand television sets were tuned to Super Bowl LV. It was a "game for the ages," one broadcaster declared. The game featured the best quarter back of all time going against the young phenom whom many speculate may surpass his opponent's success. It was equated to a matchup a là Michael Jordan and Lebron James. How would the young phenom measure up against the greatest of all time? Would youth prevail? Or would experience?
   The young, and tremendously skilled, Patrick Mahomes displayed a resolve and toughness that foreshadows a future of untold possibility. With more experience, perhaps he will be able to overcome a defense that hurries him. Perhaps in time, he will have the maturity and the skills to adapt to such situations. But last night was all about the MVP, Tom Brady. 
   Love him or hate him (and people tend to fall into one or the other category) there is much to learn from Tom Brady's ascension to his MVP status. He was not heralded as a phenom coming out of college. In fact, he was regarded as rather mediocre. He was tall and had a decent arm, but his truly remarkable gift was between his ears; he was coachable. Drafted as a backup quarterback, he eventually had his opportunity when the quarterback was injured and Tom Brady was called upon to lead the team. And lead, he did. They won the game, and went on to win the Super Bowl that year. For the foreseeable future, Super Bowl winners would have to go through his team. 
   When his time with the Patriots came to an end, he had nine Super Bowl appearances and six Super Bowl titles. He had reached the pinnacle. What was left for him? Could he replicate that success outside of the systems in place in New England? He went to Tampa Bay, a team who had not played in the post season in more than a decade. He called his trusted sidekick to join him, and set out to create a winning system in Tampa Bay. The pieces came together, eventually. The team didn't begin the year looking like they were Super Bowl bound, but in time, things clicked. Tom Brady did what he does on the field, in the locker room, and behind the scenes. He led this group to become a well-functioning team. And the rest, as they say, is history. 
   Tom Brady's willingness to be coached, to take in what he was taught, and the courage to take those lessons learned to a place where he would have to replicate it all on his own, sets him apart. Tom Brady rose to hero status with his win in Super Bowl LV. The best part of his story, is that he is an average guy who listened, integrated what he learned, and had the courage to strike out into the new and unknown betting on himself to succeed. This quality brought the 199th pick in the sixth round of the 2000 draft to the heights of success.
   His story inspires the hero in all of us. We can learn, we can build, we can grow beyond all expectations - even our own - to become the hero in our own life. Are you coachable? Are you willing to learn new skills? Are you willing to take a chance on yourself? This is the hero's journey. You can become the hero in your life. 


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