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    I’m a nerd, I'm happy to say and share that. I like to read 'sciencey' and 'techy' things. When I am writing a sermon, or working on a project that requires creativity, I often given my mind breaks and let my subconscious do the heavy lifting while I investigate what's new in science and technology. Oooohhh a new app is available that will improve my workflow! Let me spend three hours understanding and implementing this so I can save a couple minutes of time... I'm prone to chasing these thoughts and can get off-task easily if I'm not disciplined. Many recognize these moments as "squirrel!" moments, arising from a Disney movie that showed the thought process of dogs.
    What "squirrel" moments get you off-task? What strategies do you employ to keep you on track and accomplishing your goals? I am largely resistant to scheduling my time, however, I have found that this is the most effective practice for me. I keep a list of tasks for the following week that need my time and attention, and then schedule out the following week, adding and editing as I go. This isn't something I was going to embrace on my own. Working with a coach, I was able to see the benefits and began this practice in a way that wasn't overwhelming and continues to reap results. I wish I would have seized on this sooner.
​    What distracts you? Would you like to be more efficient with your time and energy?

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