Blog Self-Awareness Is Your Superpower

Self-Awareness Is Your Superpower


    Self awareness is having a clear understanding of the entirety of oneself; understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses, one’s motivations and desires, beliefs and dreams. Self awareness gives us insight into ourselves, as well as how others see us, and how we see others. It reveals our biases and attitudes, helping us to craft our actions in ways that we would like to go and grow.
    The self-aware person is able to move forward in life purposefully. Once we see ourselves clearly, we can build on our identified strengths. We will become aware of conflicts between our thinking/believing and our living. We can understand our emotions and how they arise and influence our interactions and decision making. 
    I worked with a client once who, as an introvert, preferred to work alone. He was unsuccessful at starting a new venture. Through coaching, he came to see that his past successes had always come while working with a partner who had a different skillset that complemented his own. After realizing this, he was able to move forward. He found a partner with the appropriate skillset and together (but often working separately) they were able to build upon their accomplishments.
    Self awareness provides a springboard to success in our work and in our relationships. The self aware person will have many more strategies for understanding their loved ones, resolving conflicts, and building meaningful and lasting relationships.
    There are many tools that can help you on your journey to self awareness. Working with a coach is a powerfully effective tool. Set up a consultation with me to begin your journey and reap the benefits of seeing yourself clearly.

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