Blog President's Day Edition

President's Day Edition


   Today, we celebrate President's Day. Growing up, I remember celebrating Lincoln's birthday on February 12th and Washington's birthday on February 22nd. These days, we celebrate all the Presidents on the third Monday of February. History remembers some presidents with honor and distinction. Others are remembered by history less favorably. All have shaped who and what we are as a country.
    What makes a good president? What makes a bad president? I'm sure we all have different answers to those questions. We can take time, each year, to look back throughout our history and see how each president's leadership has shaped our country - for better or worse. 
    It's a heavy responsibility to lead, be it a nation or a small group (granted, the responsibilities and consequences multiply by scale). Perhaps it would be beneficial on President's Day to discern what comprises good leadership. 

  • Articulate a clear vision
  • Communicate well

  • Inspire people to greatness

  • Make difficult decisions

  • Serve a greater cause

  • Be a good steward of the office 

   These are a few of the qualities found in effective leaders. It's important for anyone in a leadership position to remember the responsibilities s/he bears and to honestly evaluate one's effectiveness. How are you articulating your vision to others? Are you a clear and effective communicator? Do you inspire others to grow beyond their own expectations? Are you grounded spiritually and emotionally so that you can lead effectively? Good leaders have coaches to help them in their growth and development. And good coaches have coaches, too. I can help you. At Light Life and Love Ministries, we have the tools to help you understand and build upon your strengths. Give us a call! 


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