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Perspective Is Everything


    I just returned home from my denomination’s national biannual church gathering. It was an inspiring five days with uplifting worship, resolutions to be more present and relevant in our culture, and many examples of people doing amazing ministries in their communities. 
    My favorite part of those five days was the people. I always look forward to reconnecting with friends I went to seminary with and colleagues that have moved away. Even though most of us are connected on social media, there’s no substitute for being present with one another. We laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more. We discussed the ministries we are engaged in and our hopes for the future of our communities. As much as we change over the years, our bonds remain strong.
    I met some new friends. They were relics of a bygone era, with many stories and legends to share. I couldn’t get enough! It was fascinating to hear about life from their perspectives. And there was the learning for me: the need for deep listening in order to understand the perspective of others. In and of itself, this isn’t breaking news - we all know that people are different and it’s important to account for these differences. But sometimes it’s helpful to be intentional about these things.
    I know what THE church and THIS church mean to me. Those ideas are vastly different across the population. After the five days with thousands of my friends, I have a deeper and broader understanding of what THE church and THIS church means to many others. 
    Coaching helps to clarify perspective and reveal hidden assumptions. Sometimes communications falter because of hidden assumptions we hold. 
​    Do you need a change in perspective? Do you need clarity on your perspective? Schedule your next coaching session today!

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