Blog Nursing Is Hard. Nursing During COVID Is Crushing Part 2

Nursing Is Hard. Nursing During COVID Is Crushing Part 2


   Friends, in my previous blog installment, I shared Kendra's story. It's not unique. I heard that story again and again. What nurses go through in non-pandemic times is more difficult than we often realize or acknowledge. What they've experienced during this pandemic, will have ramifications for years to come as they seek to manage their own trauma experience. 

Here's the good news - we can give back.

    I have put together a spiritual health program I call Spirit Strong. I have put together a special version of this program that can easily be gifted to your favorite nurse. This is available as an online offering that they can do at their own pace, in their own time. It consists of 5 lessons that offer the following:

In The Spirit Strong Course Nurses Will:

  • identify what and whom they depend on for emotional support in ordinary times and in times of crises.

  • find a path to establishing a relationship with God/Higher Power/Spirit as a firm foundation for living

  • find their spiritual type, and discover how they are best-suited to connect with God/Higher Power/Spirit

  • be given 9 different strategies incorporating spiritual fulfillment in their everyday lives in fun and powerful ways

  • learn how to close out the noise around them and focus on the Divine within.

  • have daily affirmation cards they can download to their phone or other digital device for encouragement throughout the day and share on social media.

  • experience improved relationships

    Be a part of giving life back to these burdened saints who have given so much. Click here and show YOUR nurse they are loved and appreciated. 

Your Partner In Spiritual Health,


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