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How To Gain Wisdom


    How does one become wise? Does it come through education? Does it come through experience? Or heartbreak? Or victory? Or perseverance? I think it comes through all of these things. But, I also believe it is sought, wrestled with, and worn. I don't believe it is dropped off on our doorstep as a nice package with ribbons and bows. 
    To gain wisdom, one intentionally seeks it. Looking within one's self and taking stock of what is there and not there, what is growing and what is dormant, what is fertile ground and what is laying fallow is a giant step toward gaining wisdom. Taking this step with God's guidance and leading? You're well on your way. 
    Coaching is an interactive relationship that provides the space for one to do this kind of work and wrestling. A coach provides a safe place for a person to look inward to find a way forward. Do you have dreams? Goals? Aspirations? There's nothing greater for me than to see you realizing them. Give me a call. Schedule a consultation, and let's start crackin' wise.

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Hello Friends!

Hi, my name is Melissa Ebken, and I'm so glad you found your way here. 

I am at home in the difficult spaces of peoples’ lives, willing to listen and to support those who work to grow themselves. I am a trained coach and have consulted with churches in conflict. Not your stereotypical minister, I embrace the Gospel with joy and laughter as I seek to help those around me grow in faith and understanding, always striving to leave people better than they came. An agent of wholeness, I create a safe space for people, especially those who have been marginalized, where they can understand how ridiculously loved and valued they are by God/Higher Power/Spirit, and to experience the difference that makes in life. 

I started the Pursuing Uncomfortable Podcast to share the stories of people who have faced life's most difficult challenges, to inspire you to lean into and overcome your own. It's helpful to know that you're not alone in your struggles and to see how others have navigated similar circumstances. You can listen to it here.

Here's what I can do for and with you.


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