Blog How Humility HelpsUs Love Ourselves and Others

How Humility HelpsUs Love Ourselves and Others


    There are many things in life I do well. Though I'm only fluent in English, I can pick up and understand phrases and communicate in settings where another language is primarily spoken. I can fix a helicopter (seriously). I can shoot baskets, catch and throw a football, and drive a semi. What do I do better than anything else? Thank you for asking! My best accomplishment is the way I rock humility. Nobody does it better. In the history of ever. 😁
    Spiritual masters tell us that growing spiritually happens as we grow in our love of God, love of others, and love of self. Humility is a key component to this growth process. Without humility, we are not able to completely love and trust God. Without humility, we cannot truly love ourselves. If we can't love ourselves, there's no chance to love others the way they deserve to be loved and honored. It sounds antithetical to say that humility begins with loving self. But it does. Love of God and others build upon our ability to love and value self.
    Consider the thing about you that you would not want another human being to ever know about you. Consider that deep-down, shameful thing about yourself. It feels icky to think about. It's uncomfortable to sit with this. Do it anyway. Now, feel the love of God coming to you through this. Because of this. In spite of this. Imagine the brightest light shining on this truth about you and imagine God loving you through it. You are deeply. ridiculously loved and valued by God. That thing you're holding onto? It isn't random. It comes from an imperfect attempt at having your deepest need met. You are enough. You have value. You are loved beyond reason.  
    This is hard work and it doesn't happen in an instant. Stick with it. Keep moving forward. The thing is, once you realize how ridiculously loved and valued you are by the One who invented love, you will have a new understanding of self. And others. And God. The root of so many of the problems in our world comes from thinking that some have less value and worth than others.
    Once you realize the fierceness by which you are loved, you cannot look upon another without realizing the same is true for him or her. Nor will you be the same, yourself. Growing your soul empowers you to grow your success in all areas of your life. I can help you. Give this gift to yourself. I will help you grow your love of God, love of self, and love of others, and move forward in your life.

Your Partner In Spiritual Health,


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