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How Do You Deal With Change?


    We make decisions from the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to bed in the evening. Many are small; what to eat, what to wear, which route to take to work, etc. Other decisions, though, take some time and consideration, especially those that lead to lasting change.
    When we talk about lasting change, altering our behaviors in a way that will bring about different results in our lives, we might feel a bit of anxiety. Change isn’t easy, especially when we are wanting a new and better life. It can feel like swimming against the current, and if careful thought hasn’t been given to staying the course, it’s easy to give up and go with the flow.
    Coaching can help. A coach will help you think through what you want to accomplish, how you plan to achieve it, and how to avoid pitfalls along the way. It’s always helpful to know that there’s someone in your corner helping you achieve your best life. 

Here are three tips for managing change and the anxiety it can bring.

  • Predict when change is coming. Many times, we can anticipate that change is on the way. On these occasions, don't live in denial and bury your head in the sand. Instead, acknowledge it and journal about your fears. Simply acknowledging and writing about our fears can help to disarm their power over us. 
  • Find the professionals you need. When change comes, often we will need to do something new. Find the professionals you need to learn new skills, or find the professionals that can provide support to you.
  • Look for the positives. Sometimes change can bring opportunities. The other side of this change may be exactly what you've been wanting.

    Overall, change is a crucial part of life, but knowing this doesn't make it any less difficult to go through.  When you are struggling to be comfortable with change, try preparing yourself in advance, writing down your fears, and asking for help if you need it. Don't forget to always look at the positive side of change so that you can forget the negatives. 

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