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Feeling Out Of Whack? Try These Three Things


    I go to the chiropractor. Once I’m realigned, my body works as it is intended. I know I need to go when my neck doesn’t turn all the way to the right. When there’s discomfort in my lower back. Stiffness between my shoulders. If I ignore these, my body will get much clearer in its need. These are signs to me that my spinal alignment is off and I’m not functioning as well as I could be.
    I go to prayer. Once I am centered, my spirit works as it is intended. I know I need to go when I am impatient and short with the people around me. When there’s discomfort in the choices I’m making. When there’s stiffness in my mindset, perspective, and tolerance of others. If I ignore these, my spirit will get much clearer in its need. These are signs to me that my soul alignment is off and I’m not functioning as well as I could be.
    There are many reasons we may feel out of ‘whack.’ We may not be spending the time with loved ones that we would like, we are emptying ourselves for others and not replenishing ourselves, we are lost in the grips of grief or anger or disillusionment and don’t know how to find our way back. This year has done a real number on us. To say it has been hard is an understatement. One thing it has accomplished, though, is revealing to us what is truly important and needful for life. Read on for tips to feel peacefully aligned.
    Is your life in alignment? If you feel like something is off, it may be. Doing the following may reveal to you where you need alignment.

Are you spending your money on what is needed and important?

    Take some time and write down your money goals, and your foundational beliefs regarding what you want to do with your money. If you have a partener include him or her in this exercise. Ask the following questions: What is my relationship with money? What do I want my money to do for me and my world? How do I want to use it to create the life I want? Are my spending habits in line with my values and goals? What adjustments do I need to make?
    Spending time with these thoughts helps to understand if you are living in accordance with your values and beliefs regarding money and its use. Very few of us are able to live in alignment in this issue without concerted, intentional effort. Taking the time to do the internal work here and then the budget and audit work can pay real dividends. (See what I did there?)

Are you investing your time in the people and activities that give you life?

    Often, we declare that the people we love and live with are the most import in our lives - our partner/spouse, our kids, our parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews, our friends. Yet, we often spend a lot of time with activities and projects that don't involve any of them. We all need time away to recharge, no one can spend every moment invested in others. We, each of us, are of value ourselves, and one must be intentional about spending time investing in oneself. However, if you are spending a lot of time and energy on activities that are not priorities, you may need to make an adjustment. 

Are you growing towards the Light?

    I was hiking once and came across a rocky crag that had a tree bursting through, demanding to be acknowledged. It grew sideways out of the rock and then took a ninety-degree turn upward, growing toward the light. What a marvel it was. As a biologist, I can tell you the biochemical processes behind this growth. But I would rather tell you, as a beloved daughter of God, that we all grow toward the light. 
    When light shines, it activates something deep down inside of us, nurturing, feeding, beckoning. What feels better after the depths of winter than emerging into the sunshine and turning our face to the light? We can feel life stirring within us, awaking us to the new possibilities the light brings. 
    If you have a houseplant by a window, you know you have to turn it periodically, because it grows toward the light. If you’ve endeavored to grow your spirit, you also know that it will orient itself to The Light. Not spending time in prayer/meditation and seeking God in our lives is a sure way to get out of whack. We are spiritual creatures, hardwired to grow towards the light. 
    It's easy to get out of whack in life - especially when we are working towards a goal. Having a coach can help us to stay focused on what's important and aligned in our efforts. Schedule a call today and live your life with greater purpose, meaning, and joy.

Your Partner In Spiritual Health,


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