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5 Benefits Of Coaching


    As we begin another year, I am sitting with the goals I have prepared for the year. This time around, they are different. Sure, I still make personal and professional goals, but after having experienced the benefits of coaching and taking training to be a coach, my goals are much more specific. I have yearly, monthly, and weekly goals. I have also set a goal to make new habits each day. In years past, this would have seemed way to heavy-handed for me. Now, not only does it feel invigorating, but doable. Throughout the year, I will consult with my coach to measure progress and tweak as necessary. At the end of the year I will accomplish quite a bit! 

Coaching isn’t just for CEOs anymore. We can all bring more focus to our life and work by partnering with a coach. Of the many benefits, the following five are my favorite.

  • Coaching enhances God’s work in the world.So many endeavor to journey toward God, which involves embracing the particular work to which God calls and equips. Being a coach, not only do I get to be a partner in that work, but I help to focus and encourage it. That is definitely walking on some holy ground!
  • I get to be a partner.I am a believer in the maxim that God’s wisdom is with God’s people. YOU are the expert on YOU. I don’t tell you or advise you on what you should do - in fact there is no “should-ing” at all in coaching! I partner with you and help you to dig deeper into your own mind to find the wisdom you need and identify resources going forward.
  • So much more is possible with a coach.Previously, I have never been a good goal-setter. The whole idea and process seemed restrictive. I like having options and flexibility. Working with a coach has helped me to establish goals and measure progress in a way that makes sense for me. I also found the appropriate resources I need to help me stay on track.
  • Complex tasks take much less time.This probably belongs higher on my list. Tasks like sermon writing take much less time when I work with a coach. A coach asks me the right questions to get focused, broaden my perspective, and challenge my thinking. 
  • I get to do the work that I love.Coaching allows me to connect with people who are focused on moving forward with the things that are important. This involves learning more about oneself and God. Is there anything better?

    Get in touch with me today to start moving forward with your life. You will find the solid ground you need to move through life with greater purpose and focus.

Your Partner In Spiritual Health,


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