How the Ministry Support Helps People Transform

One of the most significant changes to witness is how people transform when they take Melissa's workshop training courses. Everyone says it is how a miracle it is to see someone who struggles so much to stay positive and change their lives completely. To some, the change is subtle but noticeable, while others came out of the room with a transformed look and wholly changed. To transform a person who may be depressed to bring them to peace and happiness is a gift, and Melissa has the talent. She expresses how each person is unique in the eyes of God. They also learn how valuable they are in this world and this life. The transformation takes place once the person realizes how loved they are. When they see what their lives mean to others, they begin to see it for themselves. Not everyone is liked, but everyone has someone that likes them.

The ministry support Melissa receives is outstanding. There have been people who flood Melissa to get her advice and help in certain situations. The ministry support comes from churches and volunteers who spread the word of mouth advertisement. In a way, it makes people feel like they lived in the disciple's time when word of mouth was the only way to get the info out to people. It is not anywhere near what it is now. The most significant support Melissa feels is from God Almighty. It is who she is working to bring people. Melissa has a robust spiritual side of her, which makes her a person to lean on and a friend to those who have the opportunity to meet her and know her. They know God supports her ministry because she continues to push her dreams forward for those who need the information of his love. When they get it, you can tell the difference in the person, like nighttime and daytime.