Rev. Melissa Ebken

Pastor, Illiopolis and Niantic, IL

I am the pastor of two Disciples of Christ congregations in Central Illinois Illiopolis CC, and Niantic CC. I began serving at Illiopolis in July 2001 and began serving both congregations as a yoked ministry in January 2012.

I love my small communities!

Sample Sermons

"The Cost Of Discipleship"

This was preached at the Niantic Christian Church (DOC) 

"The Burden Of Faith"

This was preached at the Illiopolis Christian Church (DOC) 

   When I preach, I like to look at what the Biblical text was teaching the people who experienced it and take those lessons into our lives today. My hope is, with each sermon, that the listener will learn something new about themselves and be inspired to move through this world purposefully, with Christ at the core of all they do and say.

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