Stop Waiting For Perfect!

New things are scary! We’ve all been experiencing a lot of new things this year. At times, it’s overwhelming. It can also be empowering. Have you had some ideas brewing in the back of your mind? Have you been forced into doing things differently during the pandemic? Are you stuck? Do you have too little information? Are you drowning in information?

    Often, we want every last detail to be scrutinized, tested, simulated, and scrutinized again. There are contexts where this is important. I was in awe as I watched the recent Space X capsule return to earth. Everything was calculated to the second. The two crew members on board had only to monitor what was already scrutinized, tested, and simulated. It was an incredible feat. 

    Most of the time, though, we don’t need to be perfect before we take our first step. In fact, waiting for perfect will often keep us from moving forward at all. I’m not advocating to throw all caution to the wind and go on a whim. I am advocating that imperfect action is vital to success.

    Waiting for a plan to be perfect might be holding you back. It was for my friend, Sue. For ten years, she has felt a call from the universe to move in a new direction. The only problem was, she had a successful business already. She had clients, she had income, she had expertise. How foolish to leave that behind without having every detail in place. After these years have passed, she has learned that if she waits for perfect, she will always be waiting. So she got a coach.

    This month she is taking a step forward. Will it be perfect? God only knows. It is, however, a step forward. If she makes a mistake she will learn from it. Nevertheless, she will continue to move forward. Step by imperfect step. Taking action empowers her to keep taking action. Don’t wait for perfect - that may be holding you back. 

​    Are you ready to take action? Click the link to get started. A coach is a great partner to have!

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