Nurses Are Rock Stars!!

National Nurses Week begins Thursday, May 6 and goes to Wednesday, May 12th.

We. Would. Not. Be. Here. Without. Nurses. Full stop.

In the best of times, nurses are the overworked, underappreciated backbone of our healthcare system. When I have been in the hospital as a patient, a family member, a pastor, or a friend nurses kept the ball rolling. RNs, LPNs, CNAs - we would be hopeless without their contributions. And when a pandemic comes...

In 2009, I suffered a miscariage and was hospitalized. Big respect to the doctors - but it was a nurse who sat with me and held my hand as I cried. It was a nurse that told me the stories of so many women who experience what I experienced. It was a nurse who told me as I left that she looked forward to seeing me there again in labor and delivery. Her name was Annie and I will never forget her. Annie had a very busy floor with lots of women to care for. Some were jubilant, some were devestated, some were terrified, others anxious. She floated in and out of all our rooms, through all of those piles of emotion, and engaged us where we were and helped us to heal.

I'm Starting My Celebration Early

Each day, I am going to share about nurses. I hope you will join in the celebration. Let's shower our nurses with love and appreciation. They are tired. So, so tired. Let's show them that their efforts are noticed.

Also - I'm all in if someone wants to get a parade together...

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