Let's Do This!

We are called to be peacemakers and reconcilers. Emotional wounds carry over throughout generations. Doing the hard work of peacemaking and reconciling, therefore, will benefit generations of people. And the good news? It’s not an all or nothing proposition. We can experience tremendous benefits in our lives by doing the work and engaging the process. 

    When we work on those skills in our personal lives, other aspects of our lives benefit as well. Those gifts, and the self-improvement they foster, translate into all of our relationships. 

   The world is crying out for peacemakers and reconcilers. I’m not going to lie - it is hard work. I feel, quite strongly, that forgiveness is the hardest work of faith. The work of forgiveness and reconciliation dovetail together to bring about peace. This is definitely the hardest work to do. It is also the most impactful. 

    You don’t have to go it alone. Having a coach while navigating these choppy waters is a game changer.

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