I Wonder...

Recently, our family watched the movie,Elf.I adore this movie. I love how Buddy sees the world through eyes of wonder. And then I “wonder” why I don’t! This provided the framework of my thinking for last week’s sermon. So to prepare, I went about the week paying close attention to what I take for granted in life that used to be a source of thrilling amazement, or wonder. What a great week I had! It was so invigorating to regain the joy of simple things, and in the process I discovered new insights about what brings joy to my life today.

   That, my friends, is the essence of a coaching relationship - discovering new insights about yourself, the work you do, and the processes by which you navigate life. By working with a coach this past year, I have a better understanding of how to work from my strengths, how and who to ask for help when I need it, and have become more efficient in my thinking, organizing, and working. I feel empowered to wrestle with even greater things.

​   I treasure the opportunity to offer you the same! The busier life gets, the more coaching can help.

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