Freedom From and Freedom For...

Happy Independence Day! As I honor this day of Independence, I look back upon the bold and courageous action taken by our ancestors to secure a new way of life in this country. I am thankful for that bold and creative action and the opportunities that are available to me because of them and their actions. I also acknowledge that they were flawed human beings who did not acknowledge that those same rights belonged to all human beings. I pray that we are all bold and courageous in ensuring that all Americans have access to the opportunities and freedoms we have long enjoyed.

I want to talk about freedom. Experiencing true freedom comes from within us. I see so many people who walk around this free country who are bound by issues of guilt and shame from their past. As we celebrate freedom to speak and assemble and gather, let's talk about our freedom to live a great life. Friends, I invite you to DECLARE this day to be YOUR independence day.

"Friends, I invite you to DECLARE this day to be YOUR independence day."

Decide today that you are no longer going to be held back by limiting views of yourself.

Decide today that you are worthy of love and acceptance.

Decide today to take action and live a life you can't wait to wake up to each morning.


Once you are FREE FROM all that has been holding you back, you are FREE FOR building the life you want. What kind of life will you build? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

*Better relationships

*Living a joy-filled life

*Contributing to the building up of your community

*Taking bold and courageous action

I am here to walk with you and encourage you on as you break free from your past and move boldly into your future.

Melissa Ebken, your partner in spiritual health

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