Flourishing or Floundering?

Are you working from your strengths? Chances are you and your employers have invested in you to create and develop a set of skills. Many think that improving their weakness will help them grow and flourish. There may be some truth there. Certainly, if I improve the things that I am not doing well, I will do them better. But how much value does that really add? 

    On the other hand, I have areas in which I excel. Not only do I do these things well, but when I work from these areas I have have passion, drive, and a real investment in the outcome. Arguably, working from my strengths would add much more value than bolstering skills in which I have little natural ability or passion.

    After spending time with a coach, I identified my areas of strength and drive. I was able to share this with others, who have different areas of strength than I do. What happened then, was that we were all able to better organize our efforts so that we were all spending more of our time and energy working from our strengths, and less time on tasks we don’t do well, nor have much interest or investment in. From time to time, we still have to do those things that are not our favorites, but much less than before. Now, we spend more time doing the work that we love.

    I can help you identify your High Performance Profile so that you can spend more time doing the work you love. Chances are, there are other folks who enjoy doing the tasks you do not enjoy. Contact me today

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