Flashing Light

Recently, a client commented that she was anxious about her daughter moving back home after completing college. “There’s just something off between us these days,” she said. “I wonder how we will manage being under the same roof again. Neither one of us are the same as we were before she left. We talk all the time, but she says I frustrate her. She frustrates me, too!” 

    After some listening, I began to see a pattern. This client is an organizer par excellence. I know of no one more capable of pulling together events on a tight schedule. She brings organization to any project or organization she is a part of. Each place she has worked has been better for having her in their employ. 

    I asked her about recent communications with her daughter. She said that they talked frequently. My client reached out many times just in the previous week. The nature of those calls had been to address many of the details concerning the upcoming move. 

    By the end of the conversation, my client realized that she handled stress and anxiety by tending to details. Her daughter, however, needed her mother’s presence, not her organizational skills, to ease her anxiety. She also realized that while she connected to life primarily through thinking processes, her daughter connected to life primarily through feeling processes. This insight into herself opened a cascade of further insights for the client moving forward.

    Self awareness is a profound pursuit that, more than any other, brings us to a place of emotional maturity, improved relationships, and contentment in life. Self awareness is a giant step toward meeting our goals and seizing the joy we want from this life. 

​    How self aware are you? Would you like to improve relationships, conquer obstacles, and realize your goals?

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