Finding Peace in a Disruptive Time

When I was in my mid to late 20s I was working as a researcher in a biology lab and the research and development dollars were drying up and research was being put on hold in a lot of places. So, being a biologist I decided to take a year to get a teaching certificate to teach biology. Then, everything will be in place. I could go back into research or I could teach. I would have options and in a year's time would be set.

It was a long year as I waited tables in the afternoon, when the restaurant closed after midnight, I came back and I cleaned the restaurant, then wake up and go to college in the morning. I kept the schedule up for a year. I would be in a good place. I had a good plan. Right it made a lot of sense. Gave me options, flexibility. Until God interfered. Then there were problems. In the midst of all of this, I was active in my church. One morning, when I was out camping, I felt a call into ministry from God.

This wasn't part of the plan. I needed a year. In that year, I came to terms with that calling. It wasn't in my plan. It wasn't anything I could wrap my mind around being or doing. But during that year, I found peace, because I came to terms with who I was, who I was not, and what my purpose in life was. I was willing to trust God with that and I found peace that I hadn't found before.

When I work with people, often they will say, "I just want peace, I just want peace within my soul." Does that sound familiar to you? Is that something that you want? We all want that peace within our soul and the peace comes when we accept and live as who we are rather than who we think we should be. Or who think we should be. When we are living at odds with ourselves, there is no way we are going to have peace within.

I invite you on a journey to find peace. I will empower you to find your purpose and passion. Sign up for a free consultation today and start your journey! Contact me at

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