Exercises To Build Faithful Habits

Turn your eyes and ears and spirit to God's nearness

Stand before something that seems god-forsaken to you, and see how God might be present in this space. How does God show up here? What does God speak to you here? Do this same exercise in front of something beautiful, and again in front of something ordinary. Train yourself to be aware of God in all things.

Reflect on God's nearness

After each experience of connecting with God in different contexts, take some time to reflect on how this affects you moving forward. Did you learn something new? Did you expperience God newly? What does it change about your perceptions/assumptions? What do you need to confess or let go of?

Find your prayer style

Do you like to journal? How do you feel about meditations? Affirmations? Do you like to move when you pray? Find a method of speaking and listening to God that suits you. There are an infinite number of ways to pray. We often think that prayer is sitting and talking to God. It can be this, and it can also be more. Pay attention to how you experience God's nearness, chances are good that this will open up an a practive of prayer for you.

Incorporate study into your routine

Find an app or a devotional that helps you read the Bible. Find a blog. Read Sojourners, or Christianity Today, and other publications. Most importantly, find an author or speaker outside of your context and perception. Read books from other races and cultures. Read what it means to be a person of faith in a country other than your own. Read Latina authors. Read black authors. Read. Engaging in materials beyond our own context and experiences challenges our assumptions and broadens our perspectives. Also, it helps us to understand our own thoughts and convictions.

Find a way to give back

Find a way to give back. If you were a philanthropist, where would you focus your resources? We are all philanthropists. We have causes and passions that speak to us. We want to be a part of making our world better. Look into groups that are already doing work in these areas. How con you be a part of this? Engaging in these activities give us purpose and puts flesh on our faith and beliefs.

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