GPS: Your Spiritual Health Score

How Is Your Soul?

  • Do you have a strong relationship with God?

  • Do you daily experience a close connection and meaningful communication with The Holy One?

  • Are you at peace with yourself and your past?

  • Are you able to easily share this love of God with others?

Chances are, life experiences and relationships have "clogged the spiritual pipes" a bit and you're not receiving the fullness of God's love for you. And thus, you're not able to share it with others as fully as you would like. 

When this happens, it's difficult to pinpoint where to focus your efforts for quick results. 

Discover Your Spiritual Health Score To Grow A Vital and Lasting Faith

Spiritual Health:

  • It's not as hard as you think

  • Nor does it take a decade - or a lifetime to develop

  • Profoundly affects physical and mental health

  • Improves relationships

  • Brings joy into your life

  • Provides the grounding you need to make lasting change in your life, health, and relationships

Most people want all of this, and spend YEARS trying to get a good foundation - or worse - they get frustrated and give up altogether! 

With the right tools and understanding, you can build a VITAL and LASTING faith! You can experience joy in your life. Joy is the feeling of elation that comes when your core values, faith, passion, energy, purpose, and focus meld into the life you want. 


The GPS God-Personal-Social tool gives you a snapshot of your spiritual health today in the nine areas of spiritual health:

  • Trusting in God

  • Communication with God

  • Sensing God’s Presence

  • Receiving and Giving Forgiveness

  • Ability to Regulate Emotions

  • Willingness to be Vulnerable

  • Listening to Others

  • Feeling What Others Are Feeling

  • Responding with Loving Action

What's Included:

  • GPS Spiritual Assessment 

  • 16 page in-depth report of the nine areas of spiritual health and where you are in each area

  • Debrief and Coaching session with Melissa. As a certified GPS Coach, I will help you understand your report, pinpoint areas of focus, and plan a strategy to quickly begin experiencing the joys of spiritual health. Don't delay - get the life you want!

So Why Wait?

Don't settle for a troubled spirit any longer. Start experiencing the life God has for YOU.

Find your spiritual health score and focus efforts where you can grow your faith fast. 

Draw nearer to God/Higher Power/Spirit than you ever have before.

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