Online Life Coach

What an Online Life Coach Can Do For You

As an online life coach, Melissa has found her calling to help her clients succeed in life and business and loves working with those in the rural area. She has proven to be a people person in the realm of positivity and promotes excellent vibes among her clients with her beliefs and how she worships. Melissa attended Illiopolis Christian Church from 2001 to 2012. In 2012, she continued to serve Illiopolis Christian Church, and she added to the Niantic Christian Church. Melissa continues to serve the community and both churches to this day, and it helps her in her business work with and inspires people through her motivational workshops. Her business, Melissa Ebken, Light Life and Love Ministries, is more than a company. It says it in the name of her business. This business is a ministry to those in need. Everyone's spirit needs uplifting now and then. Melissa knows how to do her job well.

Melissa's life coach services have different package deals available. The top one on the list at this time comes at the perfect time of the holidays. Wholeness for the Holidays comes in three parts. Each is sold separately, and one comes as the complete package of all three package deals. The holidays can stress many people out in a way like no ordinary day. Everyone loves getting together as a family, but the stress of cooking, cleaning, getting everything together, running around, and everything in the excitement and anticipation of things can become hectic instead of fun. This year of 2020 may have more added stress due to the loss of lives because of COVID-19 and other illnesses that affected a multitude of people and families. Having Melissa perform her life coach services can help ease any tension and stress. It is critical to keep in mind, the less stress a person has, the healthier they are.