Mindset Ministry

Let A Mindset Ministry Teach You How To Live Your Life With Wholeness and Purpose

If you are interested in Melissa Ebken, Light Life and Love Ministries, she can teach you how to live your life with wholeness and purpose. It takes inspiration to live in a world that is corrupted with negativity. Many of us are drawn to get caught up in the drama life may put out in front of us. The negativity surrounding us is the biggest downside to life, and it can lessen or take away your ability to live your life with wholeness and purpose. Our goal is to inspire individuals to become successful and reach their highest potential through our motivational training. We offer different workshops to help our clients take on a new perspective on life. The only way a person can move forward is to adapt to the changes life brings. If we stay in the same spot in life, we will never grow to reach that potential.

Melissa Ebken, Light Life and Love Ministries is a mindset ministry with an impressive background. She served ten years in the Illinois National Guard and became a biologist after she served her country. Melissa inspired many as she was the first woman to become a helicopter mechanic in the National Guard. Her love for farming and the Gospels led Melissa's heart to take notice of sowing, tending to the crops, and harvesting. As she watched the process, she put it in perspective with the Gospels, and her calling started from there. Her words tell us how the ministries came to be, "God’s story all around us if we take the time to see. Lessons of life and death, struggle and celebration, heartbreak and harvest, life always wins." It gave Melissa the positivity to move forward in her life and the endurance to help others on their journeys.